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What is a Solar Electrical System, and how does it work?

A Solar Electrical System is a device that generates electricity when exposed to the sunlight. It literally spins the electric meter backwards, providing you free solar electricity day and night!

SunnyMac Solar System

  Photovoltaic solar panels (PV panels) installed on your roof collect and convert sunlight into Direct Current (DC) electricity.
  An inverter converts the DC electricity into an Alternating Current (AC) suitable for powering all major appliances.
  A monitoring system analyzes your PV panel performance to ensure you’re getting optimum electrical usage.
  If your usage is higher than the supply available from the panels, your system will pull from the existing electrical network so you don’t lose power.
  If your solar panel system produces more electricity than you use, the system exports it to the electrical network and earns you money!



What is the difference between a Grid-tied system and a Grid-tied system with Batteries?

A Grid-tied Photovoltaic system produces solar electricity during the day and spins your utility meter backwards for you to use free electricity during the night. A Grid-tied Photovoltaic system with Batteries provides the same benefits as the system without batteries, but this system will provide limited electricity if the grid fails. The usual protected circuits are refrigerator, telephone, alarm and entertainment circuits. The system provides enough electrical power to provide emergency lighting and minimal comforts during prolonged electrical outages. In areas that are not prone to power outages it is generally not recommended to install a battery backed system because of the cost.


How much do these solar power systems cost?

It depends on your electrical usage and your service area. A typical installation, whether it be for your home or business, will be about 6 ½ dollars per watt. However, some installation sites are more complex. The initial investment varies widely from site to site depending on the location, proximity of your roof to the sun and size of your roof. All systems installed will be paid off within 7 years, many within 4 or five years with the incentives you receive from Federal, State, and local governments as well as the SREC income generated from the utility.

Contact SunnyMac directly for a free site evaluation and a cost assessment for your particular location.


What is the maintenance on these systems?

These systems require little to no maintenance. Because there are no moving parts in a solar power system, problems happen rarely. Ongoing maintenance generally just includes making sure the modules are clear of bird droppings and dirt, and that trees aren't shading the system. Also, you should make sure the system is putting out its proper power during the year by glancing at the metering system from time to time. Your system’s energy output is monitored on the web, and if lower-than-normal power output is detected a SunnyMac professional will immediately work to fix the problem. Other than that... keep smiling every time you see the sun, knowing that your solar power system is working for you all day long.


How much roof area do these systems take?

Typically, we need 100-square feet for every kilowatt of photovoltaic system required in a location.  Solar systems also need South, West or East facing roofs that are not shaded between 9am and 5pm. Our solar power systems can be flush or tilt-mounted, and use light to generate power. One of the main side benefits of a photovoltaic system is that the solar power system shades your roof and reduces your air conditioning load by 10%.  They also will prolong the life of your roof by eliminating long term weather damage to the roof space directly underneath the solar panels, saving you even more money long-term.


Does a solar electrical system have enough power to run all my major appliances?

A solar power system is connected to your main electrical panel and is designed to offset all or part of your power usage within your home or building. This includes air conditioning and all major appliances! Our systems are designed to replace all the electricity needs of your home with clean, renewable solar power.


How does the whole process work to get started?

Once we review and analyze your current monthly electricity usage and bills, we talk about your needs based upon your budget and how much savings you would like to receive from solar power.  We’ll visit your home or business, determine structural qualifications, placement, etc., and then make a system recommendation. It's that simple! Give us a call at 302-482-2334 and we will set up a free feasibility study. We have teams of installers serving PA, NJ, MD and Washington DC who are ready to help you take advantage of solar power.



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