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Your Guide to Solar Panel Systems

Matt MacFadden is the owner of leading solar panel installation company SunnyMac Solar. In the following articles, he discusses some of the benefits of installing a solar panel system and advises on ways to make your home more energy-efficient.

Determining Your Solar Energy System's Effictiveness

It's hard for homeowners to tell if a solar power system is working most efficiently. Find out how to determine if your system is working the way it should.

Maintaining Your Solar Panel System

Keeping your solar panel system in top condition involves a few easy maintenance rules. Find out exactly what those rules entail.

Putting Your Solar Panel System Concerns to Rest

With solar power newly installed in your home, it's inevitable for there to be various concerns. See how those concerns can be solved with a bit of extra knowledge.

How to Determine Your Home's Energy Efficiency

While you want to be energy-efficient in your home, you may not know how to do so. Find out how your solar company can help jumpstart your energy savings.

How to Benefit from Solar Power

Your electric bill can add up to a pretty hefty sum. Learn some of the benefits that come with switching over to a solar panel system.



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