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Providing solar power to the Mid-Atlantic states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Washington, DC
Have you thought about solar power?


Take advantage of what clean, renewable solar energy can do not just for the planet but for your pocket.

A SunnyMac installer will conduct a site evaluation on your home or business anytime, 7 days a week, completely free of charge. Our site evaluator will determine the solar potential of your roof space and explain in detail the financial benefits of your solar power system.

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SunnyMac Solar is your turnkey provider of renewable energy, specializing in the design, installation and documentation of solar systems and equipment.

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Recognized as a leading solar power company for residential and small commercial clients, our work extends beyond the initial installation of an energy system. We also help you take full advantage of tax credits, federal incentives and Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, processing all the required paperwork for you to ensure maximum return on your investment.

In an industry of constantly changing technology, SunnyMac is proud to offer the newest products and latest financial incentives for a solar energy system that best fits your needs.



Take advantage of the lowest rates in the Mid-Atlantic
Work with high-quality installers and equipment
Reduce your carbon footprint
Become independent of your utility company’s rising electricity rates
Receive a complimentary energy audit with installation